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Capital of the province, Guadalajara is bathed by the river Henares and has many and varied attractions. It should be noted, first, the large amount of parkland that can be found, as the Park of Concord or San Roque, very centrally located, where is a pleasure to walk in the spring when flowers bloom as that almost could be considered botanical gardens.

Nor should we lose some of the most emblematic churches in the city. The Cathedral of Santa Maria Maggiore, also called de la Fuente, is Mudejar style and remodeled in the Renaissance. Or the Pantheon of the Countess de la Vega del Pozo, located in San Roque Park, with a Byzantine dome.

Enjoy your stay at the hotel Pax Guadalajara, where you can also easily escape to Madrid if you want to visit the city but enjoy tranquility at a time.

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